New Paradigms in Science and Philosophy

Problems which will be touched.

1. Objects as probability distributions.

2. Particles at different places until observed.

3. Entanglement independent of distance.

4. Influence of future on past?

5. The now as an interval intime.

6. The existing as well as the observed universe is discrete.

7. Organic causality in reality is not transitive, thus not a partial order.

8. Observed causality does not fit in reality!

9. Non-existing things influence existing things.

10. Influence not causality may come from future existing objects.

11. Identity of an object observed at different moments is problematic…

The accepted theory about evolution in biology is talking about random mutations and natural selection as the motor of changes in species, but I think this is a restrictive view.

First consider the situation when no life exists, then there is just a process of materialistic changes dictated by the so-called laws of physics and chemical actions in time. The model I use to describe this process is the dynamic interval-moment model of a set of states of the universe totally ordered by Time with on each state pre-things present in a moment connected by correspondences between states yielding strings…

Baum’s unfolding and folding revisited as quantum versus relativity.

Once at a meeting in Askloster (near Gothenburg, Sweden) Basil Hiley told me about Baum’s unfolding-folding view on the universe. Last night I realised my new model of reality — the DIM model, dynamical interval moment model — explains this very nicely and also shows how the unfolding is the reason of quantum theory while the folding is the reason of relativity theory. So that is now how I understand the generic theory of reality I made does contain both relativity and quantum.

Reality is unfolding by the momentary germs of…

Now let us look at what is going on in the ongoing war on the Covid virus. From the general global point of view explained in Part I we retain that this competition between species is a normal evolutionary phenomenon, except that humans use some non-natural weapons in the battle, chemical structures used as medicine, injections into the body and vaccination. It is specifically the latter creating some turmoil recently. There are different types of vaccines, some use weak versions of the virus, some use “dead”-perhaps we should say inactive-viruses, some use parts of the virus. The most recent RNA…

  1. Introduction.

Some people ask me for my opinion about the vaccine. Of course I have an opinion and as often it is one I seem to be standing isolated with because it is based on arguments quite different from what anti-vaxxers and vaccination-fans use in the raging discussions on the net. Also ,whenever Science and Politics have to go together both are very uneasy and their purity is lost ab initio! Now I know that “keep it simple” is popular but the issue is complex, so a serious opinion has to be explained from the basis, starting from the beginning…

It is a shock when one day you discover you are born into some species, to see you are not alone but seem to fit, and are supposed to fit, into the group. The genetic information forces you to behave a certain way.

With surprise you discover the species has created some pseudo-organism called society which developed behavioural rules as a moral you are supposed to adhere to, and that started you thinking a lot about the freedom existing within the system.

Suppose you started a honest evaluation of the rules and the contradictions in the behaviour of the masses…

The concept of existing is used with rather imprecise meaning, even in Physics there is not an adequate definition as far as I know and yet it is understood that Physics studies the existing reality.

In the definition of “existing” as I use it is my DIM model of reality, I define existing things as strings of momentary germs of existence, momentary means in abstract moments themselves not ‘existing’ in time and strings are with respect to sequences of correspondences between states of the universe. this entails that reality has a large non-existing part being momentary germs and strings of…

The past is an ongoing process while every moment billions of new creative pre-interactions start the processes of the future.

We participate in the ongoing creation of the universe by starting new meanings abstractly through the thinking process. This happens by pre-interactions in moments which are the origin of an original thinking process, so these are part of the non-existing reality from which all existing things in the existing reality stem via strings of pre-things for the connecting correspondences between states of the universe.

The whole universe started the same way by starting existence processes from non-existing momentary pre-things; so…

Fred Van Oystaeyen

Exploration of the state of the human society with a vision on its future .

I. At the threshold.

I.1. The origin.

Why did humanity evolve the way it did? Apart from the genetic evolution there seem to be some characteristics of the human construction which evolved together with the physical evolution and which probably started at the very beginning, when virus met or became cell. Cells were rather autonomous individualists contented by organizing energy flows just enough to be able to survive by cloning themselves, their organization was based on a metabolic system. Viruses were more…

The word economy comes from the Greek concept Oikonomia which means “house management”.

In my house we share love, no aim for material gain!

The modern meaning valid today dates from about 1500( I would say 1492) via the French ‘économie’, and it marked the beginning of a period of 600 years of exploitation, the dark ages,including the so-called enlightenment,of extreme institutionalized human greed.

We do not have to organize Life, we should let Life organize us.

Now is the time to clean our house, if we want to have a good healthy house where everybody can be free and according to important values without price. Time now for the great Spring cleaning in the dawn of Human Spring.

Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.

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