New Paradigms in Science and Philosophy

Problems which will be touched.

1. Objects as probability distributions.

2. Particles at different places until observed.

3. Entanglement independent of distance.

4. Influence of future on past?

5. The now as an interval intime.

6. The existing as well as the observed universe…

The situation we are in now is created by our past construction of what we call civilization. This was a process steered by biological and religious factors first, later more by scientific and sociological changes but what was the aim? Originally it was obviously “survival”, but very quickly the human…

I.1. The Origin of Some Problems.

When human tribes of hunters and gatherers settled and formed cities the herd mentality had led to social rules of behaviour and a division of tasks between citizens. Initially, when the number of inhabitants was not very high there was almost no internal competition…


  1. Exterior and interior manifestation of the same pre-gravity field .

Let us describe reality by letting time be a totally ordered set T with at each moment t in T a state of the universe U(t), which is some set with a topology or geometry…

Baum’s unfolding and folding revisited as quantum versus relativity.

Once at a meeting in Askloster (near Gothenburg, Sweden) Basil Hiley told me about Baum’s unfolding-folding view on the universe. Last night I realised my new model of reality — the DIM model, dynamical interval moment model — explains this very…

Now let us look at what is going on in the ongoing war on the Covid virus. From the general global point of view explained in Part I we retain that this competition between species is a normal evolutionary phenomenon, except that humans use some non-natural weapons in the battle…

Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.

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