Free from the species

It is a shock when one day you discover you are born into some species, to see you are not alone but seem to fit, and are supposed to fit, into the group. The genetic information forces you to behave a certain way.

With surprise you discover the species has created some pseudo-organism called society which developed behavioural rules as a moral you are supposed to adhere to, and that started you thinking a lot about the freedom existing within the system.

Suppose you started a honest evaluation of the rules and the contradictions in the behaviour of the masses and their leaders, assume you tried to make a honest evaluation of the moral and the law system they constructed out of it and compared it to their behaviour with respect to that.

Suppose also that you constructed after careful analysis and thorough research your own version of a value system and ethical rules for science, religion, politics, economy,…, which began to diverse from the existing ones mainly by the goals but also by the methods used to achieve them. You disagreed with the fake value of money and the cost-benefit strategy applied to everything, you wanted the creative construction of common good not of gain, you wanted benefits humans could gain from by not selling them for a price.

Assume that you finally created some minimal set of characteristics for being a decent human, trying to be completely honest , logical and tolerant, open minded ; spending a lot of time on studying the world and the different existing systems and philosophies.

Then you discover that perhaps a majority of people does not satisfy your conditions for being a decent person and the problem arises whether that means you cannot be a decent member of society yourself? Or perhaps you are an utopian dreamer, not living in human reality and not social enough even though your inspiration seems to be completely social. History of mankind does not fit at all with the characteristics you desire and the ongoing developments, some for the better most for the worse, do not look positive in your opinion. That must mean your opinion is in fact negative even if you thought of it as being honest and open; there is some comfort in the fact that so much information about society is fake so you can blame the sources for your bad opinion!

But the idea is not to become a grumpy old man with many accumulated negative feelings, you do want to see the positive side of humanity, it cannot be that bad really. But if it is not then you are perhaps more bad than you think, you are not constructing the society as you should, you do not take part in the development as the flow goes. Like a ball in a flipper-machine you are hitting the administrating organelles constructed for control in society, describing an almost random movement compared to where you want to go and finally you realize…you want out, free from the species. You are born into a wrong species……

But inside you the genetic structure implanted some love and you can only cling on to that-the only anchor you could find-search for it and even try to create some. And that being in the species too, must be enough to start the holy war of Love, which many have advocated but failed to fulfil. So you stand up from your ashes and accept to go on and fight a loosing battle…and have a lot of fun in trying to win?


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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.