Metamorphosis and the Creation of Death.

While we construct layers of abstract properties in our image of any observed object, we are making the object ours and so we are developing a personal relation with it while deepening the process of “studying” its essence (as we perceive that). Then often we feel the need to act in reality expressing that personal relation and this can be done in at least two ways. First in an artistic way, representing the personal relation we developed as a new image of the object which is now reconstructed in reality. Secondly in a scientific way extending the constructed image itself by deforming the learning process into a micro-process of understanding. The result of these processes, either art or science can then become the object of another process of the other type, for example a scientific analysis of the use of fantasy in the art or and artistic approach to the use of emotions in science. Both activities are a form of self-expression but this is commonly accepted in art but almost never in Science where one assumes it is channelling the expression of reality itself, so acting as if there are no personal aspects embedded in the scientific results. This “belief” is in fact just an a posteriori way of creating a distance between the person and the results being communicated “suggesting” the objective nature of the results. But in fact in Science and in Art the creator’s way of thinking is equally present but masked in a different way, the logical method of constructing a complex proof can be compared to the artistic method of using a painting brush. What you then look at is an abstraction of the person in the expression he made of himself in the creation…so a metamorphosis of a real person, (it is fitting to say a biological organism) into an abstract character (one may say the ‘soul of the creation’ , so not of the creator… but an effect of it?. Thus for an artist or a scientist or anybody performing a creative action the linguistic saying “to put your soul in it” makes some sense and it refers to the metamorphosis described above. Outsiders looking at the performance can see that metamorphosis and it may even have effect on the bodily appearance (I have seen it in musicians in moments of great inspiration), usually interpreted as a kind of trance or narrowing of conscience induced by the strict focus on the creation going on.

The metamorphosis is related to “Irreality”. I define that by moments you leave reality, things are unchanged but feel different and more connections seem to pop up in your mind. These are moments your cognitive interaction with observations are changed as if you break with the past information you constructed from them and start new analysis on a blank page. I believe this is an avatar of the emotions of a child discovering certain objects for the first time, even if these were around for some time but never analysed by the child, the discovery of the unknown known. I like to be in moments of irreality, it appears often in connection with hearing some music, that makes me think music touches the level of the “unknown known”. I also have it sometimes when searching for some way out of some mathematical problem; perhaps the answer is known to me at that moment but I am still unaware of that and start to discover it, the beginning of knowing that you knew the unknown thing you looked for. Irreality is like taking off glasses and seeing the same object with “different” eyes but it is really a transformation in brain activity changing the impression of observations awarely but not planned.

This “narrowing of conscience” which can happen in acting creatively is probably the reason of the “irreal” feelings the performer is experiencing while putting his soul into something. I once said your death is successful if you put your soul in it, which — in the terminology now introduced — means that it is creation of a metamorphosis with deep irreal meaning. In fact viewing death as kind of metamorphosis with some irreal feelings and a narrowing of conscience associated to it seems to be very fitting and it makes it into a pseudo-religious creation one could say.


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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.