Sane ?

Hygienic,clean,healthy…sane .Is our civilization sane?

After 72 years of investigating I found many signs it is becoming insane! People are nowadays faced with so many impulses triggering emotions and thoughts,the available information is on one hand overwhelming but not transparant and not even trustworthy anymore. We are invaded by unwanted information, almost more advertising on the media than real information. The effect is we tend to ignore that unwanted invasion of information which is also an accepted form of straightforward lying, advertisement was the source of fake news!

But children watch it and wonder ,not knowing what is true and what is not, thus polluting their innocent minds, but also their bodies by eating the poisoned products advertised as heavenly sweets.The toys,usually time wasting gadgets advertising some film or TV- series,are connected to an endless series of spin off products and do not have any educational value but they are even not really entertaining and lead to shallow playing and quick boredom. Children are trained to consume,they do not invent their own games with some little boxes or some sticks found in a forest.

In our society there are so many expectations,duties,temptations,stresses and escape products, every emotion is exploited and corrupted, everything is rightly priced and for sale in gigantic shopping palaces.

Meanwhile the body is treated like a production factory with many knobs for fine-tuning by people in white coats,the brain is regarded as a computer with a soft hard disc, controllable by drugs, entertainment,and manipulation by interacting with media. So called specialists are telling us exactly how we function ,think, and it is all an algorithm . In reality an algorithm is an abstract process approximation based on a lot of data ,but it is not in reality.

Now the poor tired drugged burned out robot like animal is crying deep inside , dreaming about mother Nature which turned out to be a cold lover, in fact not a lover but completely indifferent .

Who really cares about the falsified creatures we became, we cannot even tolerate our own species ,exploiting people as objects and statistical numbers,standard treatment or being neglected depending on the money you invest. Escape to the promised land is organized too ! We are being lured into travelling somewhere to undergo mass pseudo-entertainment and sit in dirty swimming pools returning more stressed than when leaving.Meanwhile we eat preservation products and poison,water-chicken and hormon-meat ,pesticides and a mass of chemical rubbish produced by multinationals which are actually killing and poisoning populations in South America or anywhere.

Meanwhile the law abiding citizens have no idea what is in their law books and lawyers who take the defending of criminals often way to far,corruption rules ,even in governments and presidents,more funds are spent on arms than on bringing the poor to an acceptable standard of life.Enormous gains for leaders in international paper constructions separating a small minority from the growing mass of poor people ,the growing of the gap is even celebrated as growth for the economy. An economy dominated by growth of gain,not just gain, riding on the back of an industry polluting the whole world into a garbage belt and turning the pacific ocean into the plastic ocean ! Even the waste is sold except the more dangerous one which is dumped in developing countries where children get terrible diseases by working on the garbage belts for one dollar. Will the catastrophes of the climate change,which is already inevitable now change the mind of the greedy deniers ? Most probably not,it is all a show orchestrated by crazy scientists in indoctrinated universities…,no?

Never before was there so much stress in the people,never before did people take so much (pseudo-)medication. Big pharmacy is not existing to help people,it is there to provide more gain for the shareholders, this was even stated openly by the CEO of one of those gigantic concerns. Meanwhile pills are the most sold product in the world ,painkillers are part of our diet , depression is becoming the normal state of too many people. Allergic reactions are fast growing but GMO products are completely safe .A serious scientific analysis is considered biased and sold out to the industry ,but some super-rich preacher in a TV-church has all the answers ,it just needs some miracles and it does not matter if they are fake.

It is not all negative but the general framework,the international relations ,the heartless exploitation economy,the stupid pollution,the fake medicine shows,the selling of fried air, the return to games and bread for the dormant society ,the fake media with their naked dating shows and exhibitionist psychological reality shows and fake news instead of trustworthy unbiased news , the rise of an army of politicians without any qualification but with intolerant extreme views and a populist agenda based on inventing nitpicking local rules mocking the justice system, all of this leads to the dehumanization of all of us.

The thus created living space,our biotope on earth makes us sick…

it shows all the signs of insanity!


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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.