The Death of Death…Decay.

I do not like decay. Shining new things will get some character as old souvenirs but then always decay to rubbish. Living things go the same way.You observe it and you will also feel it ….if you have enough time . Fungus will inherit the earth , I imagine it will once cover the planet and transform it into a living spongy ball ,fungus-hoppers will be the dominating life form ! Decay is the natural loss of structure ,that is a good abstract definition that applies to people,objects,empires,thoughts,….At first sight decay is chaotic but really,decay has a structure of its own , you can even say it has a strategy. It is a process not to be confused with aging ,it is also very time dependent but it is more discontinuous and locally defined and it uses more than time ,eg some external influences. The rotting of the body seems to be the best example of decay , the deterioration of principles is another well known one appearing in human history with some cyclic regularity.The organization of a liquid fungus is for me the best description of the structure of decay ,nervously moving around attacking weak spots over and over and over…again. Take anything and look at how it evolves in a period of only 1000000000000000000 years ,that is still a small number ! Diamonds are not forever ! The machinery of decay seems to depend a lot on accidental events but there is of course the philosophical question whether accidents do happen ? Is anything an accident? So if there is a chain of reasons for decay ,and it always makes the decay go further ,it never seems to turn around and bring eternal recovery, then that plan is like a law of the universe . The specialists will now immediately say,of course it is a matter of entropy ! But entropy is a human abstract definition just like equilibrium and it is not clear to me these concepts actually represent a reality in the universe ,they seem to be concepts related to the human desire for measuring the unmeasurable! They say we are such tiny tiny beings ,insignificant in the universe and at the same time they think we can measure from our tiny tiny planet with our tiny tiny mind everything in the universe and beyond ! If decay is the loss of structure then what causes it?

In material objects structure is obtained from atoms being aligned in some way,from electrons moving, from nano-particles and smaller almost non-existing things ,where Physics and Chemistry cohabitate together . But everything is moving and using or producing energy and energy cannot be lost or can it? Well energy can turn to matter but then that still represents another kind of energy. So it seems decay can change the structural properties but it always decays to something else with another structure, we would like to think “less” structure but in fact we have no measure for structure . Indeed we think rather geometrically about structure but shape does not necessarily relate to internal structure ,amorphic things,like a fluid fungus still have rather strong structure.

In non-material things,eg abstractions ,structure is ore easily defined because we have constructed it there,usually translated in the grammatical structure of a logical description contained in the memory. At first sight the concepts are decay-proof but the weaknesses are the memory and the meaning of ideas. The memory obviously decays but one could by communication always use new person’s memories ,however the problem is to keep the same meaning to concepts and ideas and words,… .The pollution of meanings and deterioration of linguistic descriptions determine the decaying of non-material things in our mind. There are non-material things outside our mind,say something like electricity or some energy as already mentioned.These seem to be effects of interactions in the universe and most of this may not even be well understood by Science right now. For interactions between material objects decay is present because it is in the objects. Interactions between non-material things not stemming from interactions between material objects ,I can only think of some “pure” energetic interactions here, are not constant in time so it is hard to think of such things as existing “things” . Conclusion ,the only things not decaying must,if they exist at all ,be some pure time invariant energetic “being” . Such an object automatically raises the idea of a god ,obviously if such exists it will be free of decay or one should hope so!

Decay is a good reason for economic growth ,the industry even pre-sets the rate of decay of their products so they can keep on growing selling the same stuff in new dresses. Decay thus seems to also bring progress ,the old is continuously exchanged for new versions which may decay even quicker ,the decayed products are nowadays even recycled to make new products often of somewhat less quality …because the “fungus of decay” is present in them in a more dominant way. That may be the reason for the omnipresence of decay ,it was there from the beginning,the Big Bang was certainly a result of decay, afterwards everything was formed with the “fungus” inside.

It is strange to view birth as a step in the decaying process but at this very moment I see no counter-argument! So I wonder …is decay eternal or is it just the mechanism ensuring finite time for everything,even the universe ? If we put death as a concept of decay for living matter,decaying further after death , and generalize the idea of death for everything at the end of decay,then death can be the origin of all things including life and if there is finite time Death will die… and decay…to what ? Funny !



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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.