The Real Herd Principle.

The past is an ongoing process while every moment billions of new creative pre-interactions start the processes of the future.

We participate in the ongoing creation of the universe by starting new meanings abstractly through the thinking process. This happens by pre-interactions in moments which are the origin of an original thinking process, so these are part of the non-existing reality from which all existing things in the existing reality stem via strings of pre-things for the connecting correspondences between states of the universe.

The whole universe started the same way by starting existence processes from non-existing momentary pre-things; so there were probably many so-called Big Bangs, originally there was no geometry defined and no distance there, now these different expanding self-creating (?) sub-universes are so far away we cannot even imagine the distance if we define that. But there is one Whole and everything in it is connected to the original pre-thing(s), even pre-interactions from before anything existed may still be ongoing ‘connecting’ processes leading to a complex network of interlinking connections in the Whole, independent from distances or other structural items we invent as properties of the real situation. All properties we invent are abstract descriptions of some observations and there is no proof they actually correspond to some characteristic of the observed and not on our interaction with the observed.

All living things thus participate in the ongoing creation of the whole, completely unaware of the links and connections of everything they do and processes they start in moments, first with the start of the cognitive planning of some action in reality (perhaps this is only for people), then afterwards in the moment starting the future action by some pre-interaction (possible for all living organisms).

In the abstract world we created we try to understand the “place” we live in and we realise that place is so big that even the astronomers have a too restricted idea, moreover the “place” is growing continuously not only by expanding but also by the countless new creations started at every moment, thus even the place is a creative process in time.

Humans have developed a moral as a set of behavioural rules steering the survival process of society and then evaluate everything against these rules. Hoping that the society moral, which is also a process, will evolve to a “good” value system, we may discern positive opportunities for local changes in the future system. Just some positive local small changes! But remember that is how the Whole started and …look (impossible) at it now , small seeds may grow to almost infinite structures! One person can do something but billions of people can certainly do more and quicker, and yes on a cosmic scale it is almost neglectable-but it is the start in one moment that contains the total (just ignore the passing of time and view it as only the total ordering!)-thus, cooperation means many starts in different moments but of linked processes evaluated as positive in the society moral of those moments, thus a wave of oriented and directed pre-actions with a common aim, defined abstractly.

This is like an organ in an organism acting in a positive way for the future of the whole organism. I believe people can do that, that is the only thing which keeps me optimistic about human development. So let us cooperate in joint projects towards a world-moral and act in positive directions according to it.

It is high time humanity discovers the real herd principle, not defending against aggressors but co-creating the future Whole!

People let us work together in co-creating part of the future…please!


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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.