The Virus War II.

  1. The vaccination will protect you for the worst effects but then you can still contaminate others so you should continue to apply all the standard measures; furthermore since you do not know the exact duration of this protection it is wise to take some test after 5 or 6 months. Different vaccines will have effects surviving longer or shorter, time will tell and scientific research will gradually provide more information. Cumulative effects of several injections have not yet been studied, resistance may go up but also down and this will also depend on the change in variants of the virus. If we think about 7 to 9 vaccinations in a period of 3 years it is also unknown whether side-effects, caused for example by the extra ingredients-not necessarily by the virus protein used in the vaccine-also cumulate, can these become much more regular? Nobody knows, the existence of side effects remains and I cannot help to think that if you get some poison into your system then there is a difference between one dose or 7 doses, that is another uncertainty. judging by the flu injections I believe (but not strongly) that the probability remains sufficiently low.
  2. On the global evolutionary scale it is not a stupid question to ask about the long term evolutionary effect of stopping the interactions with viruses, not that we ever will be able to do this. It is a fact that there are millions of unknown viruses, recent research in one bumble bee stumbled upon more than a hundred unknown viruses! Perhaps a wiser strategy is to develop a very dense Health Care network over the whole(!) world with local hospital networks covering all regions densely and with the number of Health Care personnel a factor of ,say 20 times, what it is now. Health Care is a human right ,it should be free and available to all humans, if that means we have to stop buying arms, spending billions in advertisements, stop patents on medical products (as it is in Mathematics which is supposed to belong to humanity…but health care does not?), reduce top salaries of the super rich and reorganize the gains on the stock market…so be it!
  3. In the US financed research project-over 30 US research institutes including the military DARPA took part in it and all partners normally should possess all the viral matter-at Wuhan, which started about 4 years ago, new bat viruses were studied and the Wuhan lab mentioned 8 new ones were collected, one escaped somewhere in the research network and we know by the Covid outbreak, but the others are still being investigated by all partners in the research network, what happened to these? It is possible that the escape did not happen in Wuhan but in Fort Detrick (US)where a leak was reported in August 2019 and the military lab closed down for 10 weeks only to start again at half power but reporting nothing leaked! There was some Corona flu epidemic in the US, September-October I believe, but strangely the Military World Games (Olympics for military )were organized in October 2019 and where…well in Wuhan rather close to the Wuhan lab! Anyway Mr. Trump assured us several times, it was a Chinese virus. Scientific publications describe the genetic manipulation of the SARS II virus in the gain of function procedure applied by the virologists (they do that with almost all viruses they study, trying to make the virus attack human cells transplanted in humanized mice). As part of this conclusion I want to stress very strongly that manipulating viruses which are not known to attack people in, such gain (!) of function experiments should be forbidden. The claim is the experiments are defensive, aiming at creating a vaccine for possible new attacks but if someone finds a vaccine and keeps it secret it is not defensive but it is a new bio-chemical weapon… and that is by international law forbidden. I wonder why the military are so interested in virus research, do you?
  4. Vaccination with a vaccine which has a very short effective period should never be made obligatory. The scientific guarantees for absence of long term side effects are not even existing and whatever governments are claiming this question remains open and undecided, the normal scientific attitude (as it always was before this Covid situation) is to investigate thoroughly all possible long term side effects(for six years or even longer), that is a scientific duty and part of the ethical behaviour of scientists. The public has some reasons to be wary of the influence of big pharma on the behaviour of doctors and researchers, there were enough incredible scandals with leading companies, often unnoticed or settled financially) behind the screens. It is not accepted to see earning of big money as unethical but it is obvious that the commercialization of medicine has brought us in a situation where people are made into medicine-junkies and even well meaning doctors prescribe pills ‘a volonté’ without clearly mentioning the side-effects to people who are incapable of reading or understanding the enclosed warnings on a piece of paper with tiny microscopic writing on it, asking whether you are allergic to penicillin is not correct informing of patients. Doctors hiding behind (often biased) statistics while they are in fact the ones who should know the patient’s personal situation really well, also knowing that people are not statistics and everybody reacts differently to some medicine, are acting unethically in my book.
  5. Being vaccinated has some advantages and also some possible (statistically less serious, but people have died from the vaccine, very few but that is no comfort when it is you) problems, you can decide to take it or not and it would be extremely stupid to begin some discrimination on the basis of that choice. I can understand one can be asked to do a test before being allowed in some specific situation in crowded places, yet the vaccinated are almost just as dangerous as the others and one does not even know the duration of the protection so what does it mean to prove that you were vaccinated 8 months ago and be safe? It is not a symbol of solidarity to get the vaccine, the real solidarity is in respecting each other, try to apply the standard rules even when vaccinated… and hug your grandchildren when you want, do not let your parent die alone, do not sacrifice some of the main virtues of human behaviour. It is your choice to take a risk and the death rate is not so high even the number of people in intensive care is not very high comparing to the number of infected people, but in any case do everything possible to avoid contaminating others. That health care is not sufficient is a problem created by the stupidities of our capitalistic system and war-oriented thinking, in fact that is what is killing us! Perhaps this virus (and next viruses )plus climate disequilibrium, may convince even the most negative politicians. We just do not care enough about people and too much about the bling-bling and filthy lucre to create a human-society with priorities for human rights and care for others.



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Bluesfesser Fred

Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.