Time forces Plan.

We know everything existing changes with time so we should view everything as a process, nothing remains unchanged. Living organisms use this change to grow and evolve by starting an energetic process of acquiring external energy and transforming it into interior changes, developing the structure further and keeping it alive.

This hunt for energy requires planning of actions in time, for example if you have to hunt prey you have to establish some strategy to catch it. If the cat is just laying there with its mouth wide open the mice will not run into it, if the tree has to catch sunlight it arranges its leaves to turn and change angles just to follow the sun and catch as much as possible from the light, if however it wants to diminish evaporation in dry areas it covers leaves with some layer of wax or even reduces the leaves to needles as in pines or even to spines as in cacti. All these changes are part of the process of evolution within species of life, changes selected by natural selection, but the occurrence of changes is not by selection.

That is by genetic mutations or epi-genetic actions of adaption or other genetic changes we do not know enough about. Anyway one may discuss this at the level of evolution but it is a fact that organisms also plan their survival by developing strategies. The best example is the crow putting pebbles in a bottle of water with some food floating on it until the level of the water in the bottle is high enough for the bird to reach it with its beak through the narrow opening of the bottleneck. That is planning using abstract thought not evolution. Some gurus tell you to live in the moment and do not worry about tomorrow,obviously that is bad advice. Your survival has to be planned even if nowadays it is rather easy, you can just go the shop or the restaurant and get food, that is if you have some money. To get money most people have to work. The education of your kids has to be planned, in fact it is best if having kids is planned too. Planning is a rational analysis of needs for survival and existing in a society and possible ways of reaching some goal one has to reach. Careful analysis of the value of the goal is essential before planning possible paths to reach the desired goal. It is practical and best strategy to view the problems as problems of a group living together, that is a strategy which worked against stronger predators when we started to live in large “herds”, hence viewing life as a society effort makes planning a social activity and first a matter of strength in numbers and solidarity, then a matter of organization of the structure of society.

Philosophically speaking it is time which makes existing possible and it also creates the possibility to act in time and anticipate on some reasonable prediction of the near future. The future is not a fixed structure ,it follows certain lines of developments which may however be broken by “unexpected” developments (momentary interactions!), thus predictions are always wrong! Therefore it is safe to plan a strategy with different layers ,having a plan B as is sometimes said, but in a society steered by local governments one has to be able to select the right “politics” in governing. Thus the “politics” should be flexible and variable according to the evolution of the problems, hence not tied to rigid ideologies. We can see that now,the traditional political parties have no answer, no plan B, not even a plan A, with respect to the climate change and migration, for example! The structure of a local society,e.g. the financing of scientific research by technological industry with short time perspective, is not correctly structured to deal with world-wide problems emerging rather unsuspected.

If we view society not just as a collection of individuals ,but rather as a network of linked individuals with several types of interlinked relations, we call it the organic society . The extra-information discovered from the inclusion of all links and relations provides insight in the creation and evolution of different subgroups in society which should represented in the variability of the political organization. Thus instead of trying to divide society by forced ideological points of view supported by propaganda and false news in the mass media,governing should be based on the micro-structure of evolving society and reflect the variability of the groups growing in it, not steered by the politics and manipulation of the public. Thus the composition of government should not be fixed for too long,second terms should not be allowed even after reasonable results in the votes.

Organic world-society, with its natural organic organization would be able to cope with emerging problems if it was constructed on the principle of natural flexibility not on party doctrines. The society “organism” then needs a natural Plan, both for the long term but with built in flexibility for rapid changes as well short time remedies for acute problems needing urgent solutions. For example if a world society (or even the societies of leading countries) would have understood the warnings of the Club of Rome as early as 1970,they would have been able to adapt a long term strategy trying to avoid the situation we are in now (and it would have worked). Now we need a short term action plan and there is not much to build on world-wide !

In the future we will need plans A and B for serious problems in ongoing processes like: wealth distribution and migration (now also caused by climate change! ),making the planet green and clean again, food production and clean drinking water provision everywhere !

Be like the birds in the field…certainly, but even birds carefully select places and build nests before they lay eggs!


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Bluesfesser Fred

Born in 1947 .Real name: Fred Van Oystaeyen.Active in Math research, author of many papers and books . Hobby :Blues and plants.